Ship Technology Days

Ulsteinvik Norway 13-15 September 2022

Welcome to E-LASS and Ship Technology Days in Ulsteinvik!

This years’ E-LASS event takes place 13-15th of September 2022 in Ulsteinvik, Norway.

Ulsteinvik and its surrounding areas represent an impressive amount of maritime- and ship building competence, with a strong focus on sustainable shipping, next-gen propulsion, and use of lightweight materials in ship design.

We welcome you to experience three inspiring E-LASS and Ship Technology days, merging E-LASS with the Norwegian world-leading ship building knowledge within research and development in the GCE Blue Maritime Cluster:
Day 1: E-LASS seminar,
Day 2: Industry tour in the Ulsteinvik area,
Day 3: Seminar day presenting the GCE Blue Maritime Cluster.

Ulstein Business Association and GCE Blue Maritime Cluster are organizing this years’ event.

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Lightweight Applications

08:30-09:00  Registration

09:00-09:15   Welcome. Franz Evegren RISE & Daniel Garden, GCE Blue Maritime Cluster

09:15-09:40  Modular construction design of a FRP catamaran design based on FIBRE4YARDS technologies. P.E. Sánchez del Corral, TSI

09:40-10:05  The KOFS project and dire safe surfaces. Peter Sjögren, RISE

10:05-10:30  Fire safe use of composite and other combustible materials in ro-ro spaces in the LASH FIRE project. Vita Radolovic, Flow Ship Design

10:30-11:00  Coffee break and mingling

11:00-11:25  Ulstein Group – a pathway towards decarbonization. Dr. Jose Jorge Garcia Agis, Ulstein International AS

11:25-11:50  Noise and vibration reduction with vibroacoustic metamaterials. Dr. Christoph Tamm, Frauenhofer

11:50-12:15  Light weighting of composite hydrogen storage tanks. David Mattsson, RISE

12:15-13:15  Lunch – potentially sponsored

13:15-13:40 Keynote: Outlooks on lightweight material research for maritime transport from an EC perspective. Susanne Lanzerstorfer, European Commission

13:40-14:05 RAMSSES conclusions and plans for an IMO SDC9 submission. Matthias Krause, CMT

14:05-14:30 From Quality project to BV rules NR613. Stephane Paebeuf, Bureau Veritas

14:30-15:00 Coffe break

15:00-15:25 Lightweight shipbuilding in the 21st century, Brødrene Aa

15:25-15:50 TBA

15:50-16:15 Updates from national networks: S-LASS, D-LASS and MariLight Network. Peter Sjögren, RISE – Tahira Ahmed, Composites NL – Wibke Mayland, CMT

16:15-16:30 Round up and discussion. Franz Evegren, RISE






Lightweight Applications

E-Lass sessions
  • Industry Tour – Visit to some of the most cutting edge maritime companies ind and around Ulsteinvik:

    – Ulstein Shipyard
    – Kongsberg
    – Servi
    – Entec Evotec
    – Prodtex
    – Dimo
    – Ulmatec Handling
    – Libra
    – Jets

  • Conference Dinner



Blue Maritime Technology


Decarbonisation – Digitalisation – Autonomy – Materials – Hydrodynamics – Integration – R&D – Engineering – Design – Process Management -and more!

08:30-09:00  New Blue Deal and R&D collaboration in the cluster. Daniel Garden, GCE Blue Maritime cluster

09:00-09:30  Hydrodynamics: Larger foil-module appropriate for vessels from 100 – 200 meters. Audun Yrke, Wavefoil

09:30-10:00  vacant

10:00-10:20  Coffee break and mingling

10:20-11:00  Autonomy: The MIDAS Project – Man in Future Maritime Operations. Dr. Ole Andreas Alsos, NTNU Norw. University of Science & Technology)

11:00-11:30  Digitalisation: Møre Ocean Lab. Dr. Hans Petter Hildre, NTNU Norw. University of Science & Technology

11:30-12:00  vacant

12:00-12:40  Lunch – potentially sponsored

12:40-13:00  ENERGY: SOECiV Project – Onboard energy consumption mapping, Ole-Johnny Ødegaard (GCE Blue Maritime cluster)

13:00-13:30  ENERGY: Nuclear powered vessels, TBA

13:30-14:10  SAFETY: The Lash Fire project – Reducing the risk of fire onboard ro-ro ships, Grit Ladage (Centre of Maritime Technology, Hamburg)

14:10-14:30  vacant

14:30-15:00  Debate: Maritime R&D collaboration efficiency – is competition slowing the innovation pace between companies? Or speeding it up?

15:00-15:20  Closing Remarks. Daniel Garden, GCE Blue Maritime cluster

E-LASS, Ulstein Næringsforum and GCE Blue Maritime Cluster invites their members to meet in Ulsteinvik, Norway.


Welcome to Ulsteinvik!

Beautiful Ulsteinvik is a pittoresque small town situated on the scenic western coast of Norway. To Norwegians, the region is known as “Sunnmøre” and home of the fjords, alpine mountains, and beaches famous for their surf.

Known for its long and strong ship building traditions, Ulsteinvik is the home of two shipyards, Ulstein and Green Yard Kleven, and Kongsberg Maritime’s main location for advanced propulsion systems. In addition, some of the world’s most innovative ship design- and technology takes place at Ulstein Design & Solutions.

In the area surrounding Ulsteinvik you’ll find several shipyards, shipping companies, a diverse constellation of maritime subcontractors and strong maritime technology-research at NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The global shift to renewable energies has sparked the region’s maritime sector’s ambitious goal of leading the way within the green shift. The strong focus on hydrogen and energy, autonomous ships, light weight composites, naval architecture and ship design makes a visit to Sunnmøre and Ulsteinvik a must!

What is Ship Technology Days?

Ship Technology Days is a three-day meeting for the international maritime technological network taking place in Ulsteinvik, Norway. The meeting consists of several presentations and workshops, and is modeled together with scientists, researchers and the ship tech industry. In addition, it will facilitate both formal and informal meeting places to exchange thoughts and ideas on creative and technological processes.

Ship Technology Days will engage Norwegian and international ship engineers, ship designers/naval architects and technology developers to exchange knowledge as well as cooperate and innovate with different maritime research communities and clusters.

Ship Technology Days is an initiative by Ulstein Business Association and GCE Blue Maritime.

By creating a yearly maritime happening that addresses advanced technological development and research, we can promote the highly competent maritime cluster in our region and help connect it better internationally.

What is E-LASS?

Established in 2013, The European network for lightweight applications at sea (E-LASS) gather stakeholders interested in lightweight design for the maritime industry. The aim is to create an organization where exchange of information and knowledge becomes easy and natural. The commitment to initiate collaboration with other networks is in line with this aim. E-LASS has over 300 members from 32 different nations.

The need for lightweight materials and lightweight design at sea is driven by the two main societal challenges of today: energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. A lighter vessel will use less fuel and a semi-submersible offshore platform can only fully attain an optimized weight distribution through proper lightweight design. An offshore wind turbine deprived of lightweight design and lightweight materials is scarcely imaginable. For many applications, however, the increased use of novel lightweight designs are being slowed down by tradition and conservative resistance to change, coupled to a lack of experience and knowledge. E-LASS aims at facilitating activities in support of necessary development of lightweight design.

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