Ship Technology Days

Ulsteinvik Norway February 27-29, 2024.

Welcome Ship Technology Days in Ulsteinvik!

This year’s event takes place on February 27-29, 2024 in Ulsteinvik, Norway.

Ulsteinvik and its surrounding areas represent an impressive amount of maritime- and ship building competence, with a strong focus on sustainable shipping, next-gen propulsion, and use of lightweight materials in ship design.

Ulstein Business Association and GCE Blue Maritime are organizing this years’ event.

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17:00 -

Blue Maritime Hang Out

Pizza, beer and informal talks about the maritime industry in the area


09:30 - 18:00

Conference Day

We will explore topics such as

– Maritime autonomy and digitalization
– Cargo offshore transport
– Collecting Data
– Smart Production


09:00 - 17:00

Workshop and Industry Tour

– Offshore/Wind or Autonomy

Industry Tour
– We will visit several of the international maritime businesses located in the Ulsteinvik area.

Ulstein Næringsforum and GCE Blue Maritime Cluster


Welcome to Ulsteinvik!

Beautiful Ulsteinvik is a pittoresque small town situated on the scenic western coast of Norway. To Norwegians, the region is known as “Sunnmøre” and home of the fjords, alpine mountains, and beaches famous for their surf.

Known for its long and strong ship building traditions, Ulsteinvik is the home of two shipyards, Ulstein and Green Yard Kleven, and Kongsberg Maritime’s main location for advanced propulsion systems. In addition, some of the world’s most innovative ship design- and technology takes place at Ulstein Design & Solutions.

In the area surrounding Ulsteinvik you’ll find several shipyards, shipping companies, a diverse constellation of maritime subcontractors and strong maritime technology-research at NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The global shift to renewable energies has sparked the region’s maritime sector’s ambitious goal of leading the way within the green shift. The strong focus on hydrogen and energy, autonomous ships, light weight composites, naval architecture and ship design makes a visit to Sunnmøre and Ulsteinvik a must!

What is Ship Technology Days?

Ship Technology Days is a three-day meeting for the international maritime technological network taking place in Ulsteinvik, Norway. The meeting consists of several presentations and workshops, and is modeled together with scientists, researchers and the ship tech industry. In addition, it will facilitate both formal and informal meeting places to exchange thoughts and ideas on creative and technological processes.

Ship Technology Days will engage Norwegian and international ship engineers, ship designers/naval architects and technology developers to exchange knowledge as well as cooperate and innovate with different maritime research communities and clusters.

Ship Technology Days is an initiative by Ulstein Business Association and GCE Blue Maritime.

By creating a yearly maritime happening that addresses advanced technological development and research, we can promote the highly competent maritime cluster in our region and help connect it better internationally.

Main partner
We are so happy to have Kongsberg onboard as Ship Technology Days’ main partner! Kongsberg is leading the way, both internationally and locally, in developing future-focused solutions for the maritime industry.

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